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AVC Endurance specializes in personal training for endurance sports, such as running, cycling, swimming and triathlon. We coach athletes of ALL abilities.

  • Organize your training
  • Commit to the Process
  • Bring Your Best Self to Each Workout
  • Prepare to Live Your Dream

AVC Thoughts

Our Team

We bring decades of experience to swim. bike and run. Use our expertise to #getprepared
Chance Regina

Chance Regina

Multisport Coach chance@avcendurance.com

Proud pusher of hill repeats, Chance is a coach that believes in the power of preparation.

Mike Buteau

Mike Buteau

Multisport Coach mike@avcendurance.com

Growing up as an undersized hockey player in the U.S. Northeast, AVC Endurance co-founder Mike Buteau learned early in life the value of consistent training and dedication when striving for personal goals. His athletic work ethic embodies the notion that it's "not the size of the dog in the fight, but the fight in the dog" that matters.

Jill Poon

Jill Poon

Multisport Coach jill@avcendurance.com

Jill believes that overcoming mental barriers is necessary to achieving your best possible result. As a working mom, coach, and endurance athlete, she understands the requirements of balancing life and training. Current Favorite Quote : "Sometimes you have to believe in yourself beyond reason" - Jens Voigt

Reed Vaughn

Reed Vaughn

Assistant Multisport Coach reed@avcendurance.com

Helped lead his team to the 6A state meet all four years he competed and was a member of the 2013 region champion track team his sophomore season, Reed wants to pursue a career in cross country and track at the high school or college level

Prepare to Live Your Dreams

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